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Hiring Older Workers Part of An Employer Bandwagon

“…..we’re either going to have to produce a whole lot more Canadians in the next 23 years or consumers will have to get accustomed to scarcer products and services. In the meantime, corporate CEOs and business leaders are looking towards older workers as a remedy for the body crunch.” Hiring…

Jul 5, 2012
10:56 PM

Over 55? How to stay in demand

From embracing social media to updating a wardrobe, older workers need to stay current. An executive search expert explains how. While there are undoubtedly companies that want to hire executives who will remain with them for 20 years and may not be interested in someone who has rounded the proverbial…

Jun 11, 2012
02:23 PM

How To Recharge and Take Charge of Your Life – After Retirement

INSIDE a Workshop with CHARLES FEAVER: By Rick Groom and Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco, Special to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and ThirdQuarter  To say that Charles Feaver has a distinctive outlook when it comes to retirement is an understatement. As the founder/editor of YoungRetired.ca—a web magazine dedicated to retirement planning—the man…

Mar 8, 2012
05:29 PM

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