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The Entrepreneurial Journey: Canada’s Small Business Owners Don’t Plan to Walk Away Anytime Soon

Posted on: 10/30/2012

Entrepreneurs love to work and retirement is a distant concept for many of them according to a new Investors Group survey of Canadian owners...


Canadians Forgoing Retirement – Spending More Years On The Job

Posted on: 09/16/2012

Older Canadians are forgoing a life of leisure out of the workforce and opting to spend more of their golden years on the job,...

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Hiring Older Workers Part of An Employer Bandwagon

Posted on: 07/05/2012

“…..we’re either going to have to produce a whole lot more Canadians in the next 23 years or consumers will have to get accustomed...


Over 55? How to stay in demand

Posted on: 06/11/2012

From embracing social media to updating a wardrobe, older workers need to stay current. An executive search expert explains how. While there are undoubtedly...

Friends Having Lunch Together At A Restaurant

How To Recharge and Take Charge of Your Life – After Retirement

Posted on: 03/08/2012

INSIDE a Workshop with CHARLES FEAVER: By Rick Groom and Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco, Special to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and ThirdQuarter  To say that...

Answering the Call to Action: ThirdQuarter is Linking Older Workers to Job Opportunities

Posted on: 12/07/2011

A two-year national pilot project connecting businesses with older Canadians who want to remain in the workforce plans to become a permanent program. ThirdQuarter is...

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