Submitting Resolutions

A crucial component of our Annual General Meeting is the opportunity it gives local chambers to put forward Resolutions that identify the challenges facing Manitoba.

The MCC’s By-laws require that any submitted Resolutions must be:

  • provincial or national in character,
  • timely in importance,
  • and general in application to both economic and public well-being.

The draft should also be in the format of:

  • a Preamble (background),
  • Resolution (what you want done) and
  • Argument (why what you want should be done)

Also keep in mind that any chamber that sponsors a Resolution must present it at the MCC AGM.

There are two kinds of Resolutions, regular Resolutions and Late Resolutions.

Regular Resolutions must be submitted to the MCC office (227 Portage Avenue, Wpg, R3B 2A6, fax (204) 948-0110, or by email to the MCC, e.g.,, 60 days before the MCC’s AGM.

Late Resolutions can be submitted at the AGM pursuant to section 5.7 of our By-laws, which reads:

At the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting, any subject, even though it has not satisfied the requirements of these by-laws for presentation to the meeting, may be brought to the floor of the meeting for discussion if a motion to do so is carried by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast. If the subject is then placed on the floor of the meeting, and a motion is introduced, then such motion will require a majority of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast for passage. Such motions shall be prefaced with an explanation for the failure to meet the normal requirements.


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