Benefits of Membership

Manitoba’s Business Advocate

For over 80 years the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has remained a strong advocate for Manitoba businesses. As a membership organization, our advocacy and lobby efforts are formed by local chambers of commerce and businesses of every size within our membership. Collectively  this makes us the most relevant and influential network in the province – 10,000 strong.   Learn more about the Chambers, how you can join this powerful network and what key policy issues are impacting Manitoba’s business community.  We are on the website or you can email our Membership Team for more information.

Chamber Membership Is A Powerful Brand

We are recognized as an influential and respected voice for business in Manitoba. We, as a network, are the key drivers of Manitoba’s economy.   We, as a network, advance policy and regulation, develop key partnerships and publicize issues of importance.  We, as a network, make positive change happen. Through grassroots advocacy and enhanced research, we are a respected voice among government decision makers and our solutions-based advocacy sets us apart.  The Chamber of Commerce is a powerful brand. It symbolizes innovation, prosperity and forward-thought. Be a part of this brand.

Membership Benefits

Beyond the direct benefits, being a part of the Chamber brand solidifies you as a change agent and a knowledgeable community partner. Within the  Chambers Network, we all contribute to positive change in Manitoba and as this province faces more and more challenges in the coming year, it is vital that we all pull together for the change that we need.

Being a part of this network yields countless rewards. Your business or association can:

  • Be plugged into the most influential business group in Manitoba
  • Access key private and public sector decision-makers
  • Obtain information to help your business
  • Connect with suppliers and partners
  • Create greater profile for your business or association
  • Create a stronger bottom line with our discount and affinity programs
  • Preferred rates for events and sponsorships


Businesses affiliated with Chambers of Commerce convey to consumers and business partners that they use good business practices;  are concerned with the betterment of Manitoba; that they  care about their customers and are reputable. Therefore, it is valuable to be visibly affiliated with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

Each member will be listed in the annual membership directory pages and higher levels of membership will have their logo on the landing page on our webpage.

Communications and Profile

In order for networking to be effective and for policy issues to be dealt with successfully, we have a continuous communication effort that reaches across the province to members and influencers.

Some examples of our interaction  with our members and with the wider community include:

  • MBIz Magazine has a circulation and reach of over 250,000 twice a year that includes features from each region as well as business profiles of our members.
  • MBiz E-Weekly newsletter to keep members in the know about current policy related activities – policy submissions to government, taskforce progress activities and policy positions as well as a news roundup amongst the local chambers.
  • Chamber Member Bulletins: Periodic bulletins which addresses ongoing policy initiatives and their affect on  businesses as well as a roundup of news for and about the chamber community.
  • The Website  is  a culmination of news, policy updates, events and success stories relevant to Manitoba business. Chamber members have the opportunity to showcase their unique success stories profiling your company to new audiences.
  • Twitter: Join @manchamberofcom  on Twitter to receive updates on policy, meetings with government decision makers, events, news and initiatives. The Chambers has a growing list of followers who are influential and powerful.
  • Event and Initiative Communications: Members receive exclusive invitations and periodic updates for all Chambers related events and initiatives.
  • The Manitoba Business Awards:  Our premier signature event held every fall.  Being part of this event is the foremost   networking experience of the year. Having your business nominated creates very high profile and prestige.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities:  Joining forces with an event or initiative which aligns with your organizational goals is a smart business practice. Members are the first to know of any sponsorship opportunity available where you can tap into our broad audience of 10,000 businesses across Manitoba.  The communications and event team work hard to create highly visible sponsorship packages that work for you and have a wide reach and influence.   Our sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits by association with the Chambers and our reach into the wider community.    We give first rights of sponsorship to our members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, please contact Diane with our Membership team by phone 204-948-0111 or via email –





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